Ferbey 4 Success

Curling is a game with four players which also includes a skipper or captain of the team. Usually the name of the team will be the skippers but when they go for the world championship, they name their team based on the country they represent. The game originated from Scotland. They can have four all male teams or four all female teams or even a mixed team.

This is a story of Randy Ferbey and his team. Their real success began in the year 1999. Randy Ferbey was born on May 30th, 1959. He won the Canadian championship six times and the world championship four times in his career. It was in the year 1987 that Ferbey first participated in the curling championship when he was 28 years of age.

At a later stage he teamed up with David Nedohin in the year 1997 and later with Pat McCallum and Carter Rycroft. They named their team as ‘Ferbey 4.’ The team went on dominating the championship for many years. Apart from winning the World championship and the Canadian championship, the team also won the Alberta championship and the Nokia Brier. Though the team did lose a couple of championships where they were eluded even from the bronze medal, it did not make them lose their spirit. The team went on to win most of the championships.

By 2003, the team had become legends as they kept winning almost all the tournaments in curling. They won their second world title during the same year. But, sadly in the next year, 2004, the team faced a minor shock when they were bowed out of the finals in the Nokia Brier Championship.

But that was only a minor shock which every professional player faces during some time in their career. The very next year in 2005, the team went on to win the Alberta Championship and the Canadian Championship. This was a world record which they achieved, as they were the only team in the world to win all the major curling championships. The Ferbey 4 team performed exceptionally well as a team which is regarded as one of the best sports team in sports history. Though they faced stiff competition from other teams, the Ferbey 4 teams were blessed with exceptionally high class players.

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